Settling an Insurance Claim After an Injury

You’re on your way to your daughter’s soccer game, when out of nowhere a distracted driver hits you.  You go to the hospital in pain and are told you have whiplash.

The next day the insurance company calls.  They offer you $500 and to cover your medical bills for 30 days to settle the claim.  Despite still being in pain, you reluctantly accept it.

Three weeks later you’re still in pain and told you have a serious neck injury that will require more medical treatments and time away from work.  You immediately reach out to your insurance company again, but are told there is nothing they can do because the claim has already been settled.

After an accident, make sure you know the full extent of your injuries before settling a claim.  If you need help, call one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at Anderson O’Brien Law Firm.


Spring 2018 Newsletter

The latest edition of the Anderson O’Brien Legal Newsletter is now available.  As you can see, we have redesigned the layout and incorporated our new branding elements.  This edition includes three articles on a variety of legal topics, including insurance coverage, workplace harassment, and estate planning.  Click the titles below to read the full articles, or download a copy of the newsletter to your computer or mobile device.


1. Life Events Require a Fresh Look at Insurance Coverage

By Attorney Brad Yanke
I recently had the incredibly good fortune of getting married to my wonderful wife, Kat.  In addition to the name, address, and health insurance changes that came with this life event, I volunteered to get our auto and homeowners insurance policies and coverages melded and up‑to‑date.  Since I focus my practice on representing injury victims, as we were updating our policies, I kept an eye out for a number of insurance policy issues that I recently came across in my practice.


2. Harassment in the Headlines, Employers in the Headlights?

By Attorney Brian Formella
It is hard to ignore the daily dose of headlines that assert new allegations of sexual harassment or abuse in American society. While the problem of sexual harassment may be analyzed on many levels – personal, societal, historical, cultural, to name a few – sound legal analysis must not be overlooked by employers and employees when considering specific workplace situations.


3. I Signed My Will, Now What?

By Attorney Katherine Young
Completing your estate plan for the first time is a significant milestone.  It means that you have taken an important step forward in planning for your family’s future.  Our clients often breathe a sigh of relief after signing their estate planning documents, knowing the plans they have often long discussed are now finally in place.  However, just because you have signed your documents does not necessarily mean your estate plan is complete.  There are often a variety of tasks we recommend you complete after signing your estate planning documents to ensure your plans are fully realized.


New Radio Commercials

Have you heard our new radio commercials on 103.3 and 106.5?  They’ll be playing Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. throughout the Central Wisconsin area.  If these stations aren’t your preferred channels, or you don’t listen to the radio in general, you can click on the links below to hear the four new ads.  Anderson O’Brien – Lawyers Where You Live.

We Have a New Look!

We have a new look! With our recent remodel, we decided it was the perfect time to freshen up our logo and firm materials. We’ll be rolling out these changes over the next few months, so we wanted to give you a sneak preview of them. We’re still the same great law firm with the same great attorneys, just with a little more “pop” in our branding department.

Amy Eddy Elected to CAP Services Board of Directors

Attorney Amy Eddy was recently elected to the CAP Services Board of Directors.  CAP Services, Inc. is an incredible organization that has a mission to bring about a permanent increase in the ability of low-income individuals throughout the community. They offer dozens of programs related to the advancement of social and economic justice, including jobs skills, business coaching, housing and transportation, community development, child and family development, and health and wellness.  One-third of the seats on CAP’s Board of Directors are low-income representatives, which means they are directly engaged in shaping their own community programs and services. This is a huge honor for Attorney Eddy and the Firm.

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