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Attorneys Bradley A. Yanke and Daniel F. Schmeeckle

An injury can happen no matter what your career, from healthcare workers in the operating room to forklift operators in a factory. Occupational workplace exposure or occupational neck, back, shoulder, knee, or hip injuries through repetitive motion or heavy lifting and twisting can happen to any worker. That’s when you need experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Stevens Point.

Our dedicated team of attorneys handles the gamut of workplace injuries, from a repetitive stress disorder, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, to debilitating injuries like paralysis, and even death claims. We have protected the rights of workers injured at work.

Types of Work Injuries We Handle

Slips, trips and falls
Crush injuries
Push/pull injuries
Work-related auto collisions
Machine malfunctions
Repetitive motion
Traumatic Injuries
Exposure to harmful chemicals

Our Stevens Point workers’ compensation lawyers understand that an injured worker loses more than just medical costs. In handling your case, Anderson O’Brien, LLP fights to give you back what’s been lost.

The Losses We Fight to Recover

Lost wages
Permanent disability
Diminishment in earning capacity
Compensation for disfigurement
Mileage for your trips to the doctor’s office
Retaining benefits to help you secure new employment
Death benefits and burial expenses

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