Accident & Personal Injury

Accident & Personal Injury

Most Sought-After Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers in Stevens Point

When you are the victim of an accident, the injuries sustained can cause massive disruption of your life and the life of your family. In addition to the pain, suffering, and disability from the injuries, you may be facing medical expenses, wage loss, or job loss. Just as the insurance company will be working hard to minimize the amount it has to pay for your injuries and damages, you should have an attorney dedicated to maximizing the amount the insurance company pays for your claim.

Our accident and personal injury lawyers in Stevens Point are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages. It costs you absolutely nothing to meet with one of our attorneys to discuss your claim.

Being a victim of an accident or negligence does not always fit into neat categories, so never hesitate to contact us to discuss a claim. The following is just a sample of the types of cases and claims that we handle:

Contact Us Right Away

After you have been injured, it is important you contact one of our personal injury attorneys immediately. The time right after an accident is crucial as it allows our firm to investigate and preserve evidence that is relevant to your claim.

Further, the presence of counsel after an accident can make our clients’ lives easier. Our personal injury lawyers in Stevens Point may be able to assist you in getting your medical bills paid by your auto insurer. They can also get the other insurance companies to stop calling you.

The choices you make in the days and weeks after an accident can have significant consequences on your case – let us assist you during this difficult time so you and your family can focus on getting healthy and back to normal.

Accidents in Stores or Office Buildings
Aviation Accidents
Car, Truck, Bike & Motorcycle Accidents
Carbon Monoxide
Construction Site Accidents
Dog Bites
Pedestrian Injuries
Slips/Trips and Falls
Unsafe and Defective Products
Underinsured and Uninsured Drivers
Worker’s Compensation
Work-Related Injuries
Wrongful Death

Our Experience and What It Means For You

We are a full-service law firm that also specializes in personal injury. We have four attorneys and support staff that dedicate their practice to representing those who have been injured. Our roster of attorneys includes lawyers who are Board Certified as Civil Trial Specialists by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and are recognized as Super Lawyers. Our experience and depth of resources means that your claim will get the attention, preparation and prosecution that increases your claim’s potential for success at trial and settlement.

In addition to the millions of dollars we have recovered for our clients from auto accidents, our accident and personal injury lawyers in Stevens Point have successfully litigated cases against some of America’s largest manufacturers, holding them responsible for injuries caused by their products. Our willingness to tackle big, complex, and difficult cases has earned us the reputation that allows other attorneys to refer cases to us.

While we always strive for prompt resolution of all claims, we pride ourselves on investigating and maximizing all aspects of your case so as to increase your claim’s potential for recovery.

Full-Service Firm

Because we are a full-service firm, we are able to offer substantial benefits in handling your personal injury claims.  Our litigation attorneys work with our business, tax and estate planning attorneys to make sure that verdicts and settlements are properly handled so maximum utilization is obtained.  Clients are assured that they will have the opportunity to discuss their cases and the handling of those cases with attorneys who practice in all necessary fields.

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Business & Corporate Law

Business & Corporate Law

Stevens Point Finest Business & Corporate Lawyers

Business and Corporate Attorneys 2024
Attorneys David M. James, Heather M. Huebner, Steven H. Thompson, and Keith J. Pilger

Our business and corporate lawyers from Stevens Point have the expertise to assist you with the following:

Selecting the appropriate entity for your business:
Corporations (including subchapter S corporations and service corporations)
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

Preparing the organizational documents for your business entity:
Articles of Incorporation or Organization
Bylaws and Operating Agreements
Partnership and Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements

Drafting and Negotiating Major Contracts:
Real Estate and Equipment Lease Agreements
Construction Contracts
Independent Contractor and Consulting Agreements
Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property Matters
Technology and Software License Agreements
Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution Agreements

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sale Agreements
Business Succession Planning
Employment Agreements, Employee Handbooks and Non-compete Agreements
Government Contracts and Development Agreements

Whether you are starting a new business, entering into a major contract, looking to sell your business, or pass it along to the next generation, our experienced business and corporate lawyers at Stevens Point will be able to advise you every step along the way. Our Stevens Point lawyers take a team approach and will work closely with your other professional advisors to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your business.

We recognize that every business is unique, and it is our mission to provide you with specialized services tailored to meet your needs. The diversity of our firm’s practice allows us to provide our business clients with comprehensive solutions to any issues they may encounter.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Trusted Litigation & Dispute Restitution Lawyers in Stevens Point

Litigation Attorneys 2024
Back Row:  Attorneys Richard H. Fuller, Jason M. Sausser and Brent W. Jacobson
Front Row:  Attorneys Bradley A. Yanke, Donna L. Ginzl, Brian G. Formella, and Daniel F. Schmeeckle

Breach of Contract
Construction Law
Employer/Employee Disputes
Commercial Litigation
Non-competes and Non-solicitations
Product Liability
Real Estate Disputes
Professional Malpractice
Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
Trade Secrets
Family Litigation

When disputes arise, our skilled litigation and dispute restitution lawyers at Stevens Point help our clients achieve optimum results by not only applying our decades of combined experience but also by learning our clients’ business and what makes the most sense for them and their future success.  Our clients include individuals, manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, small businesses, and large corporations.

Recognizing that litigation should be the last resort, we advise clients on what they can realistically expect from lawsuits, and whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks and costs involved in litigation.  Our litigation and dispute restitution attorneys have experience in state and federal courts, before administrative agencies, and in arbitration.

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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Devoted Divorce & Family Lawyers in Stevens Point

Family Law Attorneys
Attorneys Richard H. Fuller, Donna L. Ginzl, and Jason M. Sausser

Family Law disputes, such as divorce, often evoke many emotions because they involve complicated relationships. Even so, important decisions must be made that will affect both spouses and their children for the rest of their lives. Our divorce and family lawyers at Stevens Point are sensitive to the stress and emotions inherent in this unique area of law and have the experience, skill, and steadiness to navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters in your family law matter.

We are a full service law firm, with several attorneys who specialize in a variety of areas of law, such as tax, business, bankruptcy, and estate planning. This allows us to help you preserve a family farm or business, minimize the tax consequences of divorce decrees, and help protect you from future adverse financial consequences that might arise from your divorce judgment.

Our divorce and family lawyers at Stevens Point and their experienced staff understand that family law disputes are not just legal disputes; they are personal disputes that are often deeply emotional. Our Stevens Point lawyers not only have the legal expertise to be a zealous advocate for your legal interests, they have the compassion to represent you with sensitivity.

Our family law services include:

Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce and legal separation are essentially identical proceedings with the exception that the residence requirement is shorter for a legal separation. Further, following a decree of legal separation neither party can remarry. The ground for divorce and legal separation is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Property Division

Paternity refers to a legal action to establish a man as the father of a child. Establishing paternity can be an important first step in addressing issues of custody and physical placement and child support. Once paternity has been established, the same factors are taken into consideration in determining custody, physical placement and child support in a paternity action as are considered in an action for divorce or legal separation.


Adoption is a legal proceeding that transfers all rights and responsibilities of a natural parent to an adoptive parent. The adoption process is usually preceded by a termination of parental rights of the natural parent. The termination may be consented to by the natural parent or the court may order that the natural parent’s rights be terminated, i.e., an involuntary termination. The procedures for terminating parental rights and adoption of a child are intended to protect the best interests of the child and the rights of parents or guardians. Our firm is experienced in adoptions by relatives including step-parents, domestic adoption and adoption of international children.

Child Custody and Physical Placement

In determining matters of custody and physical placement, i.e. the time a child(ren) is placed with each parent, the court will consider the best interests of the child(ren). The wishes and desires of each parent and the child(ren) are considered, but only as one of the factors in determining what is best for the child(ren). Unfortunately, the issues of custody and physical placement cause more controversy than any other issue in a family action.

Spousal Support and Maintenance

Maintenance payments are a financial adjustment between the parties. It refers to a monthly or other periodic payment by one party to the other. Whether or not the court awards maintenance payments depends on many factors including, but not limited to age and health of the parties, the respective incomes of the parties and length of the marriage. Wisconsin law provides that the starting point with regard to a determination of maintenance for long-term marriages is 50% of the gross earnings of the parties. However, there is no set formula for determining if maintenance is appropriate or the amount which should be awarded.

Child Support

Wisconsin law requires that when a court enters a judgment of divorce, legal separation, or paternity, and the parties have minor children, the judge or court commissioner must enter an Order relating to the parties’ obligation to pay a reasonable and necessary amount to meet the support needs of the minor child(ren). Even though there are relatively strict guidelines that the court must use, calculating child support can still be complex, especially if one or both parents are self-employed or if a parent’s income has significant fluctuations from month to month due to overtime pay, commissions, or bonuses. In addition, child support is always modifiable upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances in the income of either party, or in the event of a significant modification to the physical placement schedule. Because the court maintains jurisdiction to modify child support, the parties are required to exchange financial information (such as tax returns and W-2s) every year so long as there is a support obligation.

Financial and Business Matters in Divorce

Financial matters in a divorce action can be especially complicated when either or both parties own a business. There are general prohibitions against either party selling or transferring property without the consent of the other party, except in limited circumstances, including those that are in the usual course of business. Determining what type of business transactions are “in the usual course of business” and tracking the same can be vitally important during a divorce action. In addition, valuing businesses and determining an equitable division of a business in a divorce action, while still allowing the party who owns the business to maintain said business after the divorce or legal separation, can be complicated. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can make all the difference in allowing your business to continue and thrive post-divorce.

Post-Judgment Disputes and Modifications

For the most part, a Judgment of Divorce or Legal Separation is a permanent and final Order as it relates to property division. In contrast, child custody and physical placement, child support, and revisions to maintenance (so long as maintenance was not waived at the final hearing) are modifiable upon a substantial change of circumstances. There can also be post-judgment motions to enforce court orders for placement, or contempt motions for one party failing to comply with the terms of a Judgment. Oftentimes post-judgment disputes can be more contentious and complicated than the original court case, and an experienced family law attorney can be invaluable in knowing when and how to prosecute post-judgment motions.

Domestic Partnerships and Non-Traditional Families

Domestic partnerships for same sex couples have been recognized in Wisconsin since 2009 and remain available to same sex couples today. There are a number of issues which can make same sex divorce and legal separation complex issues in Wisconsin that relate to arguments about when same sex marriages became lawful in Wisconsin, where and when a same sex couple married, etc. The family law attorneys at Anderson O’Brien, LLP have the expertise to address the complications that surround this developing area of the law in Wisconsin.

Termination of Parental Rights
Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) is a court process which permanently ends all legal parental rights of a birthparent to a child. Your parental rights include being responsible for your child’s emotional and physical well being. However, your rights can be terminated, either voluntarily by you, or involuntarily on your behalf by a court or judge. Generally, children have a right to a parental relationship, as well as the right to receive financial support and care from both parents.
Name Change

Issues relating to changing a minor child’s name in a paternity action have some strict time constraints and limit the options available to the Court in renaming a child.


Wisconsin law has strict notice requirements before a parent can remove a child from the State or more than 150 miles away from another parent who has custody and placement rights. Whether you are the parent who wants to relocate, or you’re the parent contesting the request of the other parent to move, the experienced attorneys at Anderson O’Brien, LLP can assist you with navigating this legally and emotionally complex situation.

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Finding Peace with the Most Popular Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Stevens Point

Practicing Attorneys

Attorney Donna Ginzl
Attorney Donna L. Ginzl

When two people are considering divorce, they face many difficult decisions. Divorce mediation lawyers guide couples through the complexities of divorce, assisting, facilitating, and encouraging parties to reach a mutual agreement. A mediator is a neutral third party who helps negotiate an agreement between you and your spouse with a more private, less expensive, and consensual approach.

Mediation is widely used and well known for the higher satisfaction levels it provides in delivering a fair and agreeable divorce settlement, unlike divorce litigation, for which you’d need divorce and family attorneys.

What are the benefits?

Mediation humanizes a dispute in a way that an adversarial process, such as litigation, cannot. Some of the additional benefits include:

A divorce process that fosters an environment of respect and trust
Maintenance of dignity throughout the process
Preservation of a working relationship between both parties
More flexibility and confidentiality
Less time and money
Open and free exchange of information between you and your spouse, enhancing communication
Overall increase in satisfaction with the solutions because they are mutually agreed upon
Better follow through and compliance with terms of the court order
Less stress and tension for the children involved

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