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Attorney Donna Ginzl
Attorney Donna L. Ginzl

When two people are considering divorce, they face many difficult decisions. Divorce mediation lawyers in Portage County, WI guide couples through the complexities of divorce, assisting, facilitating, and encouraging parties to reach a mutual agreement. A mediator is a neutral third party who helps negotiate an agreement between you and your spouse with a more private, less expensive, and consensual approach.

Mediation is widely used and well known for the higher satisfaction levels it provides in delivering a fair and agreeable divorce settlement, unlike divorce litigation, for which you’d need divorce and family attorneys.

What are the benefits?

Mediation humanizes a dispute in a way that an adversarial process, such as litigation, cannot. Some of the additional benefits include:

A divorce process that fosters an environment of respect and trust
Maintenance of dignity throughout the process
Preservation of a working relationship between both parties
More flexibility and confidentiality
Less time and money
Open and free exchange of information between you and your spouse, enhancing communication
Overall increase in satisfaction with the solutions because they are mutually agreed upon
Better follow through and compliance with terms of the court order
Less stress and tension for the children involved

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